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Make 2019 your best year yet!

I had a job where I had little passion, where I felt unnoticed and had no confidence. I had been passed over for promotion, and I felt stuck and had no direction in my life. I decided a change was needed and embarked on a life-changing journey, and I am now living the life of my dreams, doing a job I love, and I want to share how you can do this too.

This could be you celebrating your best year yet!

I was working long hours to get noticed at the expense of my loved ones and my social life. I lacked understanding of myself and was not being seen. I was not being the real me, and I didn’t realise it. Like many women, I wasn’t bringing the full me out. I started to look at my future and understood that I didn’t want to spend the next 20 years of my life working in this company, doing what I was doing. I wanted more, but I didn’t know what that looked like.

I got myself a coach, and this is where I looked at my strengths and what I enjoyed doing. I always loved supporting and developing others, so I decided to become a coach myself. The training was very experiential so not only was I learning how to coach I was continually being coached. This was like a mirror for me, showing me what I could not see and guiding me to where I needed to go. While I was undergoing my training I continued to work 100% and being a single mum this was a challenge; however, it was important to me, so I made it happen. I deserved to invest in myself and my future.

I started to coach other women and continued to invest in myself completing further training in leadership and team coaching while also growing in confidence. I began to deliver my own workshops and training externally and internally in the company where I worked. I now had a clear direction, a vision and was in the driving seat of my life and career. I started to speak up more, and not let my fears or limiting beliefs hold me back. I learned what I wanted and who I was and how to live more authentically. I took control of my life, I got out of my comfort zone, many times, and created the changes I wanted in my life. And finally, I had the courage to leave my 14-year job to follow my dream.

I now coach women and teams to reach their full potential. I encourage, motivate and inspire people through experiential learnings, bringing my love of nature and outdoors to act as a transformative tool while also keeping it fun. Using my journey, my training, experience of watching colleagues, friends and coaching clients struggle I developed this exclusive retreat for a small group of women to awaken their brilliance.

Come and Indulge yourself in 4 glorious days focusing on YOU. A perfect opportunity to escape to a luxury ski chalet surrounded by the beauty of the French Alps with like-minded women.

Imagine 2019 being one of your most successful and fulfilling years yet, during the retreat you will gain confidence to enable change, get clear on what you want and “Awaken your Brilliance". Click here to find out more.

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