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When you feel stuck and unclear about the best way forward, investing in professional coaching with Permanent Beta is a smart move. It will help you save time to reach a new perspective, leading to more possibilities and ways forward. 

Coaching with us is much more than answering a series of thought-provoking questions. As professionally trained coaches, we use the full power of coaching and then some. We truly focus on the person, and in a collaborative relationship, we explore the client’s thinking, behaviour, ideas and values.

We do not subscribe to one learnt formula of coaching. We abide by the International Coaching Federation framework but use the coaching approach that is most appropriate for the specific client and the specific situation. Our coaching process is only as wide as necessary; instead, it aims at going deep fast. Therefore we can often deliver profound change in little time.

We go to the heart of the issue and work in the deep trenches. We listen and share observations. We bring all of our corporate work experience as entrepreneurs, business owners, our international outlook and general life experience as fully formed adult beings into our coaching.


We call our coaching ‘transformational’ as coaching with us is about lasting, sustainable change. Our clients leave their coaching experience with more clarity and a profound change in perspective, which places them in a good position to solve their problems and take hard decisions. Ultimately achieving the forward movement, they are looking for.

About us and our Coaching Partners

All Coaches we work with:

  • Have extensive Coaching Training

  • Are skilled in the art of both one to one and team coaching

  • Are accredited Members of International Coaching Federation

  • Have more than 5 years of coaching experience 

  • Have real-world work experience 

  • Are multilingual and have multicultural abilities

  • Abide by the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics 

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