Individual and group mentoring for Coaches 

Join our group or individual sessions to get your Mentoring hours to apply or renew your ACC/PCC credential with ICF.  If you are seeking some feedback on your coaching and looking at ways to improve,  the Mentoring sessions will provide you with feedback to increase your competence.

Our Mission is to develop coaches' full potential and the high standard of professional coaching to support a thriving society.

We will mentor you as a Coach to:

  • be competent in line with ICF Core Competencies

  • increase awareness of your strengths and coaching style 

  • build your confidence 

  • achieve or renew your ACC / PCC Credential

  • share learnings with other coaches 

  • learn with and from your peers

ICF Mentor Coaching
Enjoy the benefits of coming together with other coaches 

This group program satisfies the International Coaching Federation - ICF requirement for Mentor coaching with 7 hours of group coaching and 3 hours of one-on-one.  This program is perfect for you if you are:

  • Preparing to apply to the ICF for your ACC or PCC credential

  • Renewing your ACC or PCC

In your small Cohort you will grow your Coaching Mastery

What is great about small cohorts is that:

  • You will benefit from my insights as a Mentor Coach

  • You get to observe the other participants coaching and learn from each other's styles and methods  

  • You will benefit from the feedback from a range of other coaches, broadening the feedback you receive and developing your coaching   

  • You will shine a light on some of your unconscious coaching habits so you can grow as a coach. 

  • You will build your network of trusted colleagues 

  • The program is spread over a number of months which allows you to practice what you have learned in between the sessions, thereby deepening your learning.  

Mentoring Packages
ACC Mentor Coach

3 x One-on-One

3 x 1 hr sessions 

Agree on an area of Focus

Listen to a recorded Coaching session

Debrief on Core Competencies

Determine Next Steps

ICF Mentor Coaching

Group Only

1 hr Intro session

5 x 90 min group sessions 



Coaching live x 2 

Mentor feedback x 2

Closing & takeaways

Coach certification

Full Package

3 hrs One-on-One

7 hrs Group 


Group Package 


3 One-on-One sessions

Group Program

The Group Mentoring runs over 3 months  and is held  via Zoom

Provided there is sufficient number of Participants (Minimum 3 -  Maximum 8), the group program will be held.  Contact us for the dates & times of the next program.

Debbie Brupbacher ICF Mentor Coach

Debbie Brupbacher

Certified Mentor Coach

Nina Giustiniani Mentor Coach


Get to know each other

Intention setting

Listen to a pre-recorded session 

Review feedback 


Check-In, Class agreements

Coach 1 - coaches Participant 1

All others observe

Debrief with feedback from Mentor & sharing from all participants

Coach 2 - coaches Participant 2

All others observe

Debrief with feedback from Mentor & sharing from all participants

Summarise learnings and takeaways for each participant

Nina Giustiniani

Mentor Coach

Interested in Mentor Coaching

If you are interested in one of the mentoring packages we would love to talk with you. 

About your Mentors

Debbie Brupbacher:

  • Been awarded the Certified Mentor Coach qualification in 2020

  • Held ACC since 2016 - PCC pending

  • Coached over 500 hours

  • Coached over 20 nationalities

  • Led & mentored "leader as coach" program within eBay

  • Facilitates team coaching within Corporations

  • Previously worked in large multinationals in various Senior Finance & Transformation roles

  • Former ICF Switzerland board member in 2019-20 and continues to be highly involved and supportive of ICF Switzerland

  • an ICF endorsed listing in the office ICF Mentor Database

  • Find out more ​

ACC Mentor Coach
About your Mentors

Nina Giustiniani:

  • Currently trains as an ICF PCC Credentialing Assessor

  • Holds a PCC since 2019

  • Coached over 1200 hours and 20 nationalities in Europe and Asia

  • Has lived and worked in 8 different countries

  • Is an associate faculty member on the MBA program of Henley Business School

  • Facilitates team coaching within Corporations

  • Previously worked in a multinational corporation in a managerial role with team and budget responsibility 

  • Has been a board member of 3 organisations

  • Current ICF Switzerland President and board member since 2019 

  • Can be found on the ICF endorsed listing in the office ICF Mentor Database

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Thank you so much for your amazing mentor coaching program and our 1:1 coaching sessions.  Even as a seasoned coach I have learned so much from you and my cohort group.  I believe that mentor coaching should be part of our ongoing coaching development as it brings a richness and depth to our coaching practice that I personally have greatly benefitted from.  I am very grateful to you for your excellent guidance and wonderful approach in leading this mentor coaching program.

Peak Performance & Resilience Coach

My Mentor Coaching experience with Debbie has been very valuable. Her structured and caring approach helped me generate many new insights and continuously improve the quality of my coaching.
Deep and clear focus on the coaching competencies, skillfull facilitation of the group experience, timely and detailed follow up – Debbie is a fantastic mentor coach and I’m very grateful to have had an opportunity to work with her and benefit from her expertise and experience