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Everything DiSC  Agile EQ™

Develop the emotional intelligence necessary to support a thriving agile culture. Takeaways:

  • Discover your EQ strengths
  • Recognize your EQ potential
  • Commit to customized strategies for building agility

The Everything DiSC Agile EQ Profile provides participants with valuable insights that allow them to discover an agile approach to workplace interactions. In this personalized, 26-page profile, participants will discover their DiSC style, learn about the instinctive mindsets that shape their responses and interactions, recognize opportunities to stretch beyond what comes naturally to them, and gain actionable strategies to become more agile in their approach to social and emotional situations.


The profile comes to life when delivered with a customized training experience that engages and educates with impactful activities and powerful discussions. This solution is available to your team or larger organization by one of our certified coaches who are empowered to customize and deliver this solution in a way that meets your unique needs. Contact us to find out more.

Everything DiSC Agile EQ™

  • This product is an assessment. Within 24 hours of purchase you will receive a the link to undertake the assessment.

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