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5 Behaviors Achieve a new level of Collaboration & Teamwork



Better Leadership means
better Business Results 

Leadership Circle Profile helps create a deepr leadership awareness to help leaders be more effective and succeed.  With over more than 2.5 million profiles completed around the globe, learn how to accelerate your Leadership Development.

We are passionate about unleashing the human potential in people and teams to support sustainable company growth.

Creating lasting transformation takes time and effort. Therefore, our programs and coaching offerings are designed to support you over time to achieve greater team cohesion, resilience, and productivity.

We believe Leadership is not something you do - it is a way of being, an expression of who you are - as an individual, as a team, and as a whole company.  Leading with a mindset of  'permanent beta' unleashes capacity for adaptation and for the acceptance that progress is a series of adjustments and learning. It can be compared to implementing a new operating system but for people. We are big believers in agile leadership principles. To achieve success, it is imperative to work with the whole system and focus our services where they fit and have the most impact.

We provide experiential workshops based on the latest know-how and research and professional coaching for leaders and teams.  Supporting them to develop self-leadership, understand the complexity of team dynamics, and create an environment where the teams do not just work well together but also deliver optimal results. 

Let us support you in your transformation effort! 



The most persistent source of leadership challenges starts with the Leader themselves.  More often than not it is our thoughts, feelings, fears and ways of reacting to situations that create some of the biggest challenges for collaboration in teams and company transformation initiatives.  These are some of the biggest blockages to slow down or even derail transformation effort.  Don't let it be yours.

We help create a culture of leadership within your organisation where each person is developed and empowered to stand in their leadership creating a long-term impact for your organisation and people. 

Create a culture of Leadership
Create a High Performing Effective Team

Team Development

The performance & effectiveness of teams directly affects the results of the business.  A high performing team is one that is motivated and goes the extra mile to achieve the results they have agreed. In great teams, each person can authentically step into their Leadership and contribute to the team's success.

To support you redefine how the team works together and create transformation to get the results you seek; we use a blend of experiential learning, the latest know-how in team coaching and leverage multiple tools and frameworks, to create a powerful learning experience.


Coaching strengthen leaders by uncovering and understanding unconscious behaviours and dynamics that may directly impacting leadership and business results.  

Coaching is without a doubt the best method of eliciting sustainable transformational change in people. It is fast, deep and impactful. 


Our coaching services can be delivered face-to-face or virtually to provide support and development opportunities for Manager and Executives anywhere.

Coaching strengthens how you Lead


We are certified professional coaches with many years of real work-life experience at Permanent Beta we are passionate about helping people and companies navigate upheaval and change. Over the last 10 years, we have successfully working with individuals, teams and companies to drive their change agenda. We understand the pain points of change and adjustment to new realities. 

Relevant. Sustainable. Focused.


Listen to  Debbie Brupbacher in this Podcast with EMEA recruitment and Paul Toms.  

Debbie Brupbacher EMEA Recruitment


How to lead a life aligned to your values


I became clear on my values, how they drive me and what is truly important

How to create trust in your team


This has been a game-changer experience. In this 3-day workshop, we gained a better understanding of each other in a way that we had not experienced before. We had fun, reflected, were vulnerable and re-built relationships with each other, through trust and respect. 

Leadership Circle making your leadership more Conscious and Intentional


She was confident yet respectful and patient, and pushed our group, to be honest with ourselves. Her activities allowed us to release major tensions that had been building up in our organization for some time, and forge a way forward.

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